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I am a musician, artist and certified Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher from London. I have created a path where these modalities have become an integral part of my understanding of healing and transformation and totally changed my life. I then wanted to share them with others. I have been no stranger to deep grief, anxiety and addiction and through the use of these incredible practises, frequencies, plants, and becoming more balanced and in harmony with Nature and sacred ritual, I have found ways to help shift and change my energy and become more aligned with my heart.

I work in connection with the natural world and the cyclical way that it intertwines with our lives allowing us to come home to connection and our creativity in a busy life which is often filled with stress and overwhelm.

I am passionate about Ritual and Ceremony in my work, guiding us back to a deeper understanding of ourselves, our human experience, the world around us, and making the everyday sacred whether that be for groups, events, holding retreats, or working 1:1
with clients.

Kate’s clients include 180 Health Club, The Barbican, Soho House, Mandrake Hotel, Lloyds, House of Wisdom, Elemis, Dazed Magazine, Yoga House,  Wilderness,, Yogi Bare, Szrgy and Soul Circus.




YTT 200 Vinyasa/Restorative with Levi Banner 2019
Shamanic Breathwork 1 with Levi Banner 2019
YTT 30 Mandala with Dulce Mandala 2020
Integrated Sonic Medicine with Tim Wheater & Cherub 2021

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The power of sound is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational fequencies to enable us to drop into a meditative state and allow the possibility of clearing, cleansing and balancing on a deep cellular level. Everything in creation has a frequency and is vibration. Each thought and feeling, every part of our bodies, every atom reacing out at the furthest galaxies and when these vibrations are in harmony we can experience peace and natural transcendence.

As a musician I have been drawn to the power of alchemic crystal singing bowls and the voice and their Shamanic ability to transform consciousness. The bowls are made from pure quartz infused with precious metals which create angelic vibrations facilitating Alpha (medicative state and connection to the present moment), Theta (dreaming, visions and creative flow) and Delta (deep unconscious, intuion and insights) brainwave states.

Sound healing is a passive place for you to receive. You can just lie back and allow the soundscape to help you reset, rebalance and realign, attuning you to your high power and magic.



 ‘Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim’

- BKS lengar

I found Yoga and started practising ten years ago and it sent me on the most transformational journey in my body, mind and spirit which has totally changed my life. This moving meditation of breath unifying the body and the mind, lighting up the cells and allowing subtle but enormous long term shifts to happen opened up a whole new landscape of what wellness actually meant.

In my classes it is my priority to create a compassionate space for people to not only challange themselves, but to explore the breadth and depth of their physical landscape using breath as a gateway to the inner realms.

Through Yoga we can transform and celebrate the body, awaken and expand the mind and allow ourselves to move through life from a place of empowerment and connection.




Retreats are the most incredibly powerful capsules for healing and transformation. By giving ourselves the opportunity to leave our busy lives and gifting ourselves the magic of time that stretches out over a period of days we are allowing ourselves that space to listen, feel, find calm
and balance, and reconnect within and with Nature.

Kate’s retreats are held in beautiful sacred lands amongst the wild of Nature that allows you to truly switch off and reset. Through daily holistic practises, Sound, community, ceremony, rest and most importantly spaciousness, you can come back to a space of hearing your heart’s
needs and allowing yourself the time to pour energy back into any places that may need replenishing.


They are a not only an opportunity to travel on a deep journey of the self but also a journey through magic and medicine that lives within and all around us.

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‘Kate has a beautiful teaching style, her unique and authentic spirit naturally draw practitioners to her. Kate is able to bring fire in her strong dynamic classes and equally able to hold soft, healing practices which often combine the gift of her very special voice, accompanied by sound healing. She is an absolute gem to have on our teaching team, I adore working with her.’


Stacey Lawrence - Founder Bamboo Wellness Yoga Studio

'Kate has been a huge pinnacle in my life for helping me understand myself and everything greater than myself. So I knew I was going to be in for something extremely special when I went to her sound healing. I was absolutely blown away. Everything from the setting, the space and practice was incredibly powerful. However when she sang with her bowls, I completely transcended in to the most mind-blowing mystical abyss. Her voice is one of the most beautiful, combined with the bowls it is truly special. She has a pure gift which everyone needs to experience'

Nova Ayrton-Wright - Founder of Breathpod

'Kate is a truly gifted spirit and a powerful yet nurturing force, ready to hold you in strength and love through the transcendent and powerful journey of Sound Journey that she facilitates. I have always felt safe, encouraged and empowered by her, and beyond that - I always feel that I can be truly vulnerable in her presence, knowing that there is no judgment or diminishing of my experiences - only elevation, warmth, empathy and love. I am truly, truly grateful to her.‘

Edward Mitchell

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