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3rd - 6th May 2024


Come home to Nature's embrace on this incredible weekend of deep transformation in the wild and ancient lands of Cornwall.

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Resonant Lands is a women's retreat that offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the ancient landscape of the stunning countryside of Cornwall. Release, relax and connect to your inner Nature, your joy, peace and magic as the weekend unfolds.

Kate will be hosting this gathering on sacred land over this potent time of the Spring bursting forth all around us and the power of the incoming May New Moon. Through many spiritual and somatic practises, community, ceremony and Sound you will be held through a loving container of powerful transformation.

The site of the retreat is the most special and luxurious place whilst also being true to the absorption in Nature that is so important to this experience. It is home to a rare Temperate Rainforest and a diverse range of plant species, such as air-purifying lichens. It is also an official ancient oak woodland - defined as 'an area of land where there has been a continuous cover of trees since 1600'.

There will be daily Meditations, Breathwork and Yoga practises in the beautiful barn studios and in the ancient woodland, down by the River Bedalder, there is the outdoor Rainforest Studio where you can fully experience the restorative powers of Nature. Sound Baths and ceremonies will be taking place throughout the weekend to bring you back into a place of resonance and harmony. We will be working with the beautiful plant medicines of Cacao, Mugwort and Medicinal Mushrooms and other herbs to guide us back into connection.

Not only will you be deep in the forest and wild meadow fields but it is also a short drive to the stunning Cornish coastline to the ocean and there are many gorgeous spots in the River Bedalder that runs through the private ancient oak woodland. There is also a woodland sauna to maximise the restorative effects of wild bathing.

You will be staying amidst the mystical magic of Bodmin Moor in the beautiful Koyt
cabins. Inspired by Cornish ‘Quoits’ (also called Dolmens or Cromlechs), which were a
type of portal or spiritual chamber that date from the Neolithic period.
They are equipt with large triangular windows that bring the outside inside, soft crisp
linens, hot water bottles, a wood burning stove, Cornish Quartz and luxury Bramley
toiletries. The Koyts will help provide comfort and warmth whilst you connect and
restore in this incredible land that resonates with Nature.

This weekend of serenity and connection will include...

● Daily Meditation and Yoga Practise (Vinyasa/Yin)
● Breathwork
● Forest Bathing (Shinrin-yoku)
● Wild Swimming and Cold Water Therapy
● Medicinal Mushroom + Cacao Ceremony + Sound Healing
● New Moon Herbal Ceremony + Sound Healing
● Trip to an ancient sacred site
● 3 nourishing and delicious Vegetarian + Vegan meals a day
● Access to the Woodland Sauna
● Wild Walking (and possible beaver spotting!)
● Fire Ceremony
● Star Gazing (it’s one of the UK’s natural dark spots)
● Transport to and from Bodmin Parkway station if you are travelling by train
● So much more magic!

Treatments from the ‘Pig-Stye’ spa are available (in your cabin for extra comfort!) as an added extra.


SINGLE OCCUPANCY CABIN - £1111 (£550 Deposit upon booking)

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY CABIN - £999 (Per Person - £490 Deposit upon booking)

To book a cabin, click an option below to contact Kate at




Payment plans are available upon request.

All money paid towards our retreat is non refundable. If you are unable to attend the retreat you have deposited for, we will do our best to try to move you to another retreat within 12 months. This isn’t always possible and will be treated case by case.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Kate!

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